Dishwasher Madness

(I know in the scheme of things  this certainly does not rank up in the top 1000 of things that I should be writing about or even admitting that emptying the dishwasher is just one of the things that drives me crazy. But it does. I don’t mind loading it, but I put off emptying until I don’t have any more room in the sink to stack dirty ones; leaving me no choice but to empty one of man’s greatest inventions. But…here comes the good part, I have devised a plan that makes me not dread opening the door, seeing all those sparkly glasses shining back at me, just begging to be put up. Maybe you have already been doing this, but smart moves have taken me a little longer than most to learn. I have to interject something here about one of my son-in-laws, who I won’t name, but lives in Arizona. This sweet man, who leaves his socks, shoes and empty glasses all over the living room floor, is the same man who comes unglued if I don’t load the silverware in the dishwasher at their house with all the spoons together in the same little divider, the forks all together and the knives all together. But being that I pride myself on being a “wonderful MIL, (mother in law) I play his little game while visiting. But sometimes, I rebel and when he isn’t looking, I put a fork in with the knives. .

1. I pull out all of the top rack and just place them on the counter where they go, then I empty out the bottom rack, repeating the same procedure. Then the worst part, the silverware .ugh…do not get me started. Why do I let the small things like this get me so down, I have to just jump in the car and head to the mall and buy myself a little something? Because, yes, in my way of thinking, I deserve a gift. After all, I just emptied the dishwasher.

2. Back to the chore at hand. The silverware.  I have found that laying out a clean dish towel on the counter and just turning the silverware holder upside down, allowing them all to empty out on the towel is my “go to” method. That way, I make a game of picking out all the knives first and putting them in the drawer. Then next the forks, then last,,,,my favorite utensil because it is what I use to eat ice cream and chocolate cream pie with a 2″ layer of whipping cream.

So there you have it, my tip for the day. Try it and see if you don’t think it helps alleviate the depression that comes with a most dreaded chore.

Will be thinking of a spiffy way to clean toilets, that won’t send me running to catch a cruise ship. Oh…I just thought of one; let Randy handle that one.

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