April Has Arrived

This morning I awoke remembering a great story that happened April 1st, 2002. We had just moved to California and Jodi, our daughter, and Jaden, our first grandchild. It just so happened that Jodi was needing a car, so Randy took her car shopping while I stayed home with Jaden. Randy and Jodi got to the Ford dealership and went for a test drive with a salesman. Jodi drove, with the salesman in the front seat, while Randy rode in the back. Upon arriving back at the car dealership, Jodi informed the young man that she really liked the car and that she would like to see some numbers. The salesman quickly opened the door and ran inside to “talk to his manager to get the best price possible.” Well, while he was inside, Jodi began to rub the door panel and informed Randy that this car was just so pretty and that she loved the gray material of the seats and the doors. Randy told her, that, “yes, it was really a good quality of mouse fur that they had on the seats and interior of the car.” She looked around to him, who sat ever so smug in the back, without cracking a smile.  Jodi asked, “are you serioius? How many mice do you think it took to cover the whole car?” Randy told her that he didn’t quite know but that as nice as it was and you couldn’t even seem seams anywhere, that they must have been really big mice. She was sold. When the car salesman came back, she told him that she really liked the car. Randy was sitting there just wondering if she would tell him that she was so excited about the nice quality of mouse fur that came in the car. But, thank the Lord, she kept it to her self; by the time they got home, Randy had confessed, when he couldn’t hold back the laughter any longer that he wasn’t serious. Jodi couldn’t decided whether to speak to him or laugh. She got the car and we have joked to this day that you can always tell the quality of a car, by it’s mouse fur. Happy April Fools Day!  Will tell you in another post about the time we told her on April 1st that we had ordered her a husband from Russia; as you can tell, Randy is quite mischievous!

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