Christmas Whimps

2014-12-30 11.33.25Yesterday we found out that putting Christmas décor away is kinda like Thanksgiving dinner. It took days to get it out and put the décor in just the right places, but it only took one day to pack it up. Now mind you, we didn’t intend to do it in one day. I just woke up and thought it would be nice to start boxing up a few things upstairs that decorated the bedrooms. But as the morning went on, I got in “the mood”. You know the one. The mood that will not let you stop until everything is done. So for the next 8 or 9 hours, we hauled boxes in from the garage and hauled them back out. We broke a few things as the day progressed, which in Frosty’s eyes, wasn’t a bad thing as it will be a few less things he has to unpack next Christmas. By 8 p.m. (and a trip to the grocery store, (which was another blunder as I dropped a whole Coke on their floor because I was so thirsty I couldn’t wait until I got in the car) because by now, we were feeling very proud of ourselves. We had worked all day without stopping, even having a healthy Juice Plus shake for lunch, so we thought how swell to finish off the day with just a veggie dinner. We are starting this new year off great and we didn’t even wait until Jan 1st…I’m even thinking of writing to Dr Oz and telling him about how good we are doing.

Well…by 9 p.m. we were done. Once we sat down, we couldn’t get up. Our backs were so sore that we began to play rock, paper,scissors to see who would get up to get refills on tea. I began to wonder how long it would take if I ordered those new cute little Depends from Amazon so I wouldn’t have to get up to go to the bathroom, but Randy knocked me back into reality when he changed my password on Amazon and wouldn’t tell me what it was.  We looked around the house and realized that we had really put it all away, all 5 trees, plus all the “stuff” that my son says, makes our house look like a craft store. But when the Advil began to work and I went in to clean up the kitchen….there on the counter was the kitchen tree that we had overlooked. We just looked at each other and finally Randy says to me, “I can’t do it, I cannot undecorated anything else tonight”. As we climbed upstairs to go to bed, promising ourselves that we will NEVER EVER live anywhere again that you have to climb stairs to go to bed, I remembered the box of Valentine decorations out in the garage.

This morning, the last Christmas tree was turned into a Valentine Tree that allows me to keep a few of the lights that just make me feel peppy and upbeat. At least when Feb is over, we will only have a couple of boxes of items to put away. Maybe  only 1 Advil will do the trick, instead of half a bottle like last night.

We were hoping that when we got on the scales this morning, all of the exercise we got yesterday would pay off. It didn’t. We just rewarded ourselves for working so hard with our own pints of Blue Bell…

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