2ND Annual Griswalds Storage Unit & WallMart Trip

A frew friends had told me that I should reblog this story. As I reread it just now, I realized that maybe our “keep it simple” theme didn’t last very long..but we have had a little better luck this year with our trips to WalMart. So far, this year, we have not got 1 dirty look or even a “your are not welcome back here” thrown at us. Ah…life is good.

Chocolate Castles

We haven’t figured out yet why these things always seem to happen to us. I remember Erma Bombeck saying that she felt that God allowed the circumstances in her life so she would write about them and give people the gift of laughter. Maybe that is why these things happen to us. All I know is that if Candid Camera were still being filmed today, Frosty and I would probably be the stars of the show, as we just seem to attract “situations”.

It all began Saturday morning, when, “with visions of sugarplums danced in our heads,”  we set out to storage with our sleigh to pick up our Christmas decorations. After Frosty dropped the first box of “treasures”, and us scrambling around trying to salvage the unbroken nativities and the shattered ornaments,we decided that maybe a flat bed dolly would be good to use. So, in a few minutes…

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