No More Bah Humbug

2014-12-11 12.21.15

This morning has me in the kitchen baking for the cookie open house I am having tomorrow. I have been so busy that I didn’t stop to ask Frosty why he kept going in and out the back kitchen door, but when I went to get more butter out of the garage fridge, there he was with wrapping paper, scissors and tape, just wrapping away. When I ask him what he was doing, he responded that this year he was not waiting until Christmas Eve to wrap presents, as was his normal tradition. Since we had only bought Sponge Bob and Princes Elsa wrapping paper thus far, (for the grandkids presents, not outs supposedly),  he informed me that one of my presents would be wrapped in Sponge Bob, one in Frozen  and one in Trader Joe’s brown paper sack, but he had actually cut ribbon and wrapped it around the brown paper wrapping..

Last night we had sat and watched The Middle and laughed till we cried. If you have not watched it, you must take the time to do so. That show is just so real regarding how Mom’s and Dad’s think about Christmas trappings and what we spend so much time and energy on the last few days before Christmas morn. I guess it really made an impact on him, as I cannot remember in 20 years, Frosty wrapping presents before the 24th, much less doing it with a smile on his face, listening to our Ipod playing Christmas carols. What has happened to my Bah Humbug Frosty and what has retirement done to him?

This is the same man that surprised me a little over a week ago, when he turned down the tollway and headed downtown to look at the Christmas lights! WITHOUT ME ASKING!!!!. This is actually getting a little scarey. I  have come downstairs in the mornings the last couple of weeks to the sound of our TV playing Christmas Carols at 7:30 a.m. He has already replaced the battery in my Christmas Carol clock. I wonder if he has seen me thumbing through travel magazines of ” how to spend your husbands insurance money after he is gone”? A wife does have to plan you know!

He has just walked back through the kitchen with the presents which he finished wrapping, singing Frozen………now I’m worried. Let it Go, Frosty, really, Let it Go….

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