Frosty’s Light Repairs

I knew we shouldn’t have driven around this early in the Christmas season looking at the lights of the season. Frosty came home from our ride through decorated neighborhoods a couple of nights ago and now has decided that the few thousand lights we had up is not enough. So back to Santa’s workshop (aka Wallyworld) he went yesterday and is now taking down his first attempt at lighting up our small abode like an airport and is back up the ladder with several more (actually a lot more than several) strands which is going up as I type. I need to get this posted before he blows a fuse and we have no electricity so will close for now and help hold the ladder so we don’t have to make an emergency run to the ER…….or guess they could send the ambulance. for sure they would be able to spot the correct house tonight.

Frosty Light Additions

Frosty’s Light Additions

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