Christmases Past

Early this morning Frosty’s phone rang and lo and behold it was some of our friends Face Timing us from Richmond Virginia. Of course, friends who you don’t see very often Face Time you before you have had the chance to comb your hair or caked on layers of make up that is now necessary to make myself presentable. But there we were, In our robes, bed hair. Thankfully they can’t tell over the phone that we hadn’t even brushed our teeth yet. But, back to the story, we laughed about times past when Ken use to make fun of us for having so many Christmas trees in the house. At this point, I admitted that our oldest son, Jason had dropped by the other evening and when he walked through the front door, he just looked around and said, “mom….the house looks like it should be in a craft store that has price tags on all the junk that you have.” I informed little smart alec that just for that, I will not clean out any of the hundreds of boxes of pictures or closets so that he will have to do that when we are gone. That will teach him to be a little more respectful of our Christmas “memories” that adorn our gingerbread house.

Ken and Reny ask us if we were going Christmas light looking this year. Immediately it brought back so many great memories of what we use to do every other year. Because Frosty and I love the lights of Christmas so much, we use to rent a 15 passenger van and invite friends over for a chile dinner before taking them Christmas light looking. Frosty would done his Santa hat as he drove and acted as tour guide, as our guests would sip on hot chocolate and snack on the box of goodies each little elf would be given as they stepped into the van. We have such great memories of the laughter that filled the van on those nights. The last Christmas we had the van, we had so many friends ask us if they could be a part of our little tradition, so we ended up doing it for two nights, Fri and Sat with a different group of friends each night. Frosty retired after some of our kids, who shall remain nameless, (but they live in Phoenix now) began to criticize Frosty’s driving and tell him that he wasn’t driving fast enough and that they were certainly glad that they hadn’t had to pay for the light looking evening. They told us that there is an app that you can download of Christmas lights and that they would have been just fine, staying home and watching the light app on their phones. Kids, you can’t live without them….pass the….wait, yes, we can live without them.  I guess after the first couple of hours of driving around to different neighborhoods, our precious adult kids got bored and wanted to go home to watch Big Bang Theory. We have assured them that after that year, we will stick to asking our “senior friends” who appreciate us going slow so they can see all the lights.  We think this year, we will go by ourselves. We will wear our ugly Christmas sweaters, have our Christmas mug of hot chocolate, singing along to our Pandora Christmas station and look at as many Christmas lights as we want, or we run out of gas. We will be sure and take lots of pictures as to give our kids more stuff to go through after they put us in the home…

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