Trouble in Dodge (I mean Frisco)

They have been here less than 24 hours. All the Fall Décor looks as though it came smashed out of a package thrown over the fence from UPS. We have dined on fast food twice, swept up a broken china plate that Honey forgot to place on a high shelf, a pitcher of fresh brewed tea spilled on the kitchen floor, (but at least Noah tried to get the drink by himself) and the topper: a split in two left foot from me stepping on a miniature Southwest plane, left on the kitchen floor. Ironically, the same brand of plane that brought this “gift” of family to us yesterday. After all, what are the holidays without family? Maybe a few days in Hawaii or NY city? I’m sure we wouldn’t enjoy the Rockettes as much as we are enjoying Rocky the Squirrel on Cartoon network. Or a sandy beach as much as cookie crumbs all over the floors. Yes, family…so tried and true, and full of blog making events. What would the holidays be without them?

Yesterday, Jodi and I actually got to run to the mall, actually, we drove to the mall and ran through the mall, trying to catch Noah. He is at the age when he thinks he is too big for strollers, but he doesn’t realize that mom and Honey cannot run the length of the mall, trying to follow him. The only thing that slowed him down was the escalator that he insisted on going up and down, over and over. So instead of getting any shopping done, we are now experts at riding escalators. That’s it folks, no shopping, just riding the escalators. The positive  was we didn’t spend any money and that made our hubbies so proud. Let’s see just how proud Pops is today when we ask him to babysit for us to get away for a few hours. Maybe when Jodi and I are getting a pedicure, they can scrub the blood off of the bottom of my foot.

Yesterday I texted Eric, our son-in-law, to thank him for giving Jodi a plane ticket to come visit for a few days and to thank him for his sacrifice of being left in Phoenix without his wife and youngest son. After less than 24 hours, I am thinking that he is just paying me back for all the bad things I ever said about him. Eric I am truly sorry and I promise not to ever say anything negative EVER again. You just have to promise not to give any more “gifts” to us for awhile. I think it will take us awhile to rest up from this gift you sent.

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