Fall Baking

2014-09-20 15.36.22

We made a run to Costco today. Peter Pumpkin is already getting tired of me sending him to the store every couple of days to retrieve sugar, eggs or more flour. I was running around Costco sampling all the goodies that are there every Saturday when I look around and see him coming towards me with a 25 lb sack of sugar in our basket. I ask him what in the world would we do with that huge amount and he reminded me how many times I had sent him to the store in the past 2 weeks to get butter, sugar or flour. So…we came home with a basket full of baking items. We have emptied that huge bag of sugar into every piece of Tupperware we have in the house. This now gives me no excuse to not bake, so today, the first fresh apple cake of the season with browned butter frosting just came out of the oven. It truly signals that Fall has arrived. The recipe is on the blog so do not waste another day without making this delicious cake. It only takes 2 cups of sugar, so you don’t have to get a 25 lb sack! Peter is wanting me to share how giving he felt today. He sprang for 2 Costco hotdogs in stead of 1 that we usually share. Is he already in the holiday spirit or what?
We now have 8 lbs of butter, 36 eggs and plenty of flour & sugar. We are staying home tonight to take the “at home computer test to find out why our cholesterol is so high. Guess we can answer questions between bites of apple cake.

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