Princess On The Porch

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My book is finished and ready to be read! It is available through ETSY in the shop called ChocolateCastles or here on the blog.

It is a collection of stories and recipes, Southern Style and is divided by seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring, such as the seasons of our lives, each season brings different circumstances and growth. The book sells for $18.00 and postage is $3.50.

(Canada and Europe are $4.00 and $5.00 respectively)

The book is full of encouraging stories and recipes from family and friends, as well as southern cookbooks and magazines that I have used since the early 70’s….it is my hope that as the seasons of your lives change, Princess on the Porch will allow you to see life a little more humorous, no matter the season of life you are in….blessings, Trudy

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