Fall Is Falling Upon Us

This is the time of year when we loose the love of our children. In 2 weeks, our phone voice mail message returns to Peter & Penelope Pumpkin answering…
Hi, you have reached Peter & Penelope Pumpkin, we are out picking out pumpkins and having a ball, when we get back, we will give you a call…
If you have any reason to drive your adult children crazy, like we do, this will do it. We intentionally don’t answer our phones from now till Jan as the Christmas message equally pushes their buttons as well.
We figure that with all the times that they drove us crazy, it is now our turn. Ah…the golden years.

Last evening I heard the weather man say that statistically, we have the hottest weather behind us now and that we should begin to see the tempts falling into the middle 90’s in a few weeks. Well, that is all it took for me to send Peter Pumpkin out into the garage this morning while it was still cool (upper 90’s instead of 100’s) to sort out the boxes which have Fall written in Orange marks a lot on them. As soon as we get home from Corpus next week, the Fall Trees will be set up and the pumpkins will adorn our courtyard and kitchen. I am one of those that most people probably hate. I get excited about Fall Sept 1st and want to enjoy the decorations as long as I can before the Christmas Holidays, so to be able to enjoy the turkey décor which will be set up the day after Halloween, I have to start now. The lights of the Fall trees which will be turned into Christmas trees the day after Thanksgiving just give me a pep to my step as well as my heart. It is my favorite time of the year.
BTW, the Perfect Chocolate Cake that I posted on Saturday is just what it says, PERFECT! Everyone who ate it said it was indeed the best chocolate cake they have ever had. It was worth every Tum I had to take to get rid of the heartburn from eating so much chocolate. If you want a very special chocolate cake for any celebration, this is the cake you want. It will turn any dinner into a celebration.


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