Possum & Sweet Potatoes

Yes you read right. When going through that same 1928 cookbook which has recipes from the Depression, I came across this and couldn’t believe what it was. Right in the middle of the recipes for meatball soup and Tamale Pie was “possum & sweet potatoes”. Randy told me I had to put this recipe on the blog. He says that my blog will be the only other food blog with a recipe for cooking possum. I think he is right.
Pour a large kettleful of hot water into a convenient vessel; add a small amount of ashes and then put the possum in. Turn until fur is loosened and it can easily be scraped clean. Remove head and feet; wash thoroughly. Salt in and outside. Let hang overnight outside to freeze.
Wash again and put in baking pan with a little water. Cover and put over the fire. When tender remove cover and put in oven to brown. Dust with pepper and baste with drippings; have medium potatoes peeled and boiled tender, adding a little butter and sugar.
When potatoes are tender, baste with juices until golden brown. Arrange possum on hot platter with potatoes around him and serve.

I don’t know about you but not even the best sweet potato casserole could make me like possum. Think I will stick to cows, pigs and chickens. They are much easier to skin.


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