Father’s Day in July

Happy 4th of July to everyone. I am making fried pies to take to a dinner party tonight. But while I wait for the pie crust to chill I thought I would share the story that had us laughing this past week.
Randy’s birthday is July 2nd and this year he received a great present…a new granddaughter, Payton, given to him by Cameron and Mandy. What a sweetheart. She makes up for all the spilled Dr Peppers in the car on the way to Destin (Cameron, I wont mention any names), all the loads of laundry that he used to bring home from college and all the brownies and cookies that I made during those college years. Yep…he is the golden boy right now. Mandy, we are not forgetting you, we are just as appreciative to you as we know that you played a big part in giving us Payton also. We just don’t have anything to throw up in your face. Give us a few years to think of stuff that we can hold against you, since you are the newest member of the family, we will give you a break.
Tuesday, July 1st, Randy came in from retrieving the mail. He walked in the door and held up an envelop and said, “you won’t believe what I just got” He shoved it in my face and pointed out that the return address was listed as “the Duprees”. Both of us just kinda stared at it for a few minutes. Jodi, our daughter, has finally grown up. We couldn’t believe that she actually remembered to mail Randy’s birthday card and he was receiving it one day early. Surely the rapture is on the horizon. For Jodi to remember to buy the card, buy the postage stamp and actually get it to the PO so he would get it in the same month as his actual birthday. Well, let’s just say that we had a moment of silence and just relished the moment. He sat down beside me and tore open the envelop. There it was, a sweet caring card telling Randy how great he was, with all the kids signature. Tears came to our eyes. All those years of harping about being thoughtful, they were finally beginning to catch on. But then our eyes went to the bottom of the card, instead of the printed words saying Happy Birthday, they said, Happy Fathers Day…all we could do was laugh. Had we really truly allowed our selves to go there? That his birthday card would really arrive in the same month as the actual event, much less a day early? Ok, this is what we are used to. He called Jodi and told her that if she would have written “also, Happy Birthday” she could have saved herself the cost of another card and a trip to the PO. We hope to receive his birthday card around Halloween. When he called her, all of us acknowledged that we really couldn’t expect what our minds almost had us believing. So there in the midst of all the birthday cards sits a Fathers Day card…we told her that he will put in aside and keep it for next year as he likes to think that she is just way ahead of next years Fathers Day. But we have to give her some credit, at least he received it in the month that is right next to Father’s Day. She was so proud of that.

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