Your Will Be Done

This morning as we were having a quiet moment before jumping up and making breakfast, I glanced over the coffee table and the book of poetry that Jodi, my daughter wrote, just seemed to be saying, “pick me up”. So I did and leafing through I began to really take to heart some of the words that she had written many years ago. Some of the poetry was written when she was going through a really rough time but this poem was one that, no matter the season we are going through, is applicable at anytime. It dawned on me that many of these well written poems should be shared with others so I called Jodi and told her that each Friday, I will be posting a poem from her book, “Cries of My Heart”

Your Will Be Done by Jodi K Dupree

I usually desire immediate gratification.

But, often Your timing is different than mine.

Please help me to remember in my struggle for pleasure, That Your will be done, not mine.

Everything done my way is done in vain, Everything done You way is for Your glory and my gain.

So, rain down Your will on me today.

I bow on my knees and slowly surrender my life to You.

One detailed area at a time.

I lift up my hands and offer my thanks to You.

For being so patient when I am so stubborn and blind. Please help me everyday to ask…

Your will be done, not mine.

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