Blueberry Salad

While we are here in California friends here are being so thoughtful to fix us dinners and have us over, which blesses us so much! The other evening some friends, Barbara and Ray came to dinner at the Welches home, where we are staying for a few nights! Before we dug into Bonnie’s cherry pie, we dined on steak and salad, which Barbara brought!
The salad was scrumptious! Very different and even Randy who is not a big salad that has fruit in it person, are every bite on his plate!
The salad consisted of:
Fresh blueberries
Mandarin oranges, drained
Butter lettuce
Bacon which was broken up into pieces
The dressing was a mix of mayo, a little sugar, sour cream, crushed onion and blueberry balsamic vinegar!
As soon as I can I will get exact measurements and post the recipe! Thanks Barbara for introducing us to blueberry balsamic vinegar! What a treat! Am loading up on healthy California food before going home to chicken fried steak! Hopefully our bodies will absorb more of the salad than the steak!


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