Easter…He Is Risen

Christians all over the world celebrate our Lord and Savior’s victory over death each year at Easter. Along with the thankfulness to God for giving the world His Son to die for our sins, rising again to win victory over death, and ensuring us we have Eternal Life, if only we believe in Him; that is certainly cause for us to pause and reflect not only what Christ did for us, but what we are doing for Him. Spring is the season of new beginnings and growth. May we search our hearts to see if we are growing spiritually. Are we realizing that with new beginnings come renewal and refreshing. This weekend, let’s take a few minutes to search our hearts to see if we are growing and renewing our relationship wit God. What better time than now to give Him thanks for all He is doing in our lives. To recognize Him for who he is. Are we worshiping the creation or the Creator? Are we giving thanks to the source of all blessings? If not, let’s renew our commitment to God and begin a new season of thankfulness and worship the “only wise One, worthy of our praise.” God the Father.

Happy Easter!   Truly…He is Risen

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