Home Sweet Home

We have been back in Dallas for a little over a week and in that short time, we have looked and googled and driving by more home sites that I care to tell you. We “think” that we have found just the perfect one for us but with the competitive market here, we pray that our contract will be the one accepted. My mind is already racking to think of the kitchen boxes being unpacked. What will I bake first? Our traditional new home meal has always been chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes, green beans and hot rolls with chocolate cream pie with whipping cream. That was then. This is now. Because of our “more mature” age, he will be lucky if he gets a frozen TV dinner with a package of cookies thrown at him as we sit to rest after unloading boxes all day. Since Feb 5th when we moved out of our home in California, traveling cross the grand ole USA, I have been collecting new recipes that would grace our table once we were settled in our new home. One of those recipes is Shrimp Creole. While visiting friends in Augusta, Georgia, we were taken to a creole restaurant where w feasted on shrimp gumbo and shrimp creole. Since that night, I have been looking for the perfect recipe to make at home. This recipes sounds just like the one we had and it might even replace our “traditional” first night In new home meal.



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