Senior Suppers

It happened. We ate dinner before 6:00 pm. It was an accident, I promise. It was not intentional. Randy has a rule that we are never to eat dinner before 6-6:30 as only “old people” do that. So even if he is starving, he will not sit down to eat before 6. He will snack on cheese ad crackers, but since that is not defined as a meal, he thinks he can get away with that without calling that “eating before 6”. But last night we committed the “cool & hip folks” sin. We ate at 5. It all started with needing to go to Costco. Since it was Friday we knew that the traffic would get really bad around 5:30 on so he said, “if we are going to Costco, we had better go before the traffic hits. So out the door we ran. We arrived at Costco around 4 and walked as slowly as we could around the store trying to kill time. After 30 minutes, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I told him that if we were really going to get a hot dog for our dinner, then let’s get it and finish here and head home so I could finish off our coconut cream pie. He was not happy with me. He informed me that it was only 5 and he couldn’t eat that early. What if someone we knew saw us? What would they think?
I really didn’t care at this point. I told him that we were going to be arrested for loitering, just standing around waiting for it to turn 6. So he gave in. We finished our hot dogs and ran to the car before we ran into anyone we knew. Thank goodness it gets dark early. On the way home, at 5:30, he reminded me that I was to tell no one how early we ate. That if I did, he would not be taking me to Costco anymore on a Friday evening for a hotdog. Well, that got my attention. After all, how can a girl live without going to Costco Friday night for a $1.50 hotdog?
Tonight we had some friends text us to see if we wanted to meet them for dinner….at 4!
We declined since we had just finished lunch 2 hours before. We have decided that we need to get younger friends. Either that or skip lunch so that we can tell ourselves we are just having a very late lunch at 5.

One thought on “Senior Suppers

  1. Too funny…..We are eating lunch around 4:00 so dinner for us sometimes is 9 or 10 at night…I guess we’re hit for people over 60!! Ofcourse we do this because we sleep everyday until 11:00…it’s 12:30 right now and breakfast is waiting to be cooked until the Boss wakes up…and BTW….go to Ikea…their hot dogs are only 50 cents!! and you can make a meal out of it….2 hot dogs, a bag of chips and a drink is $2.00….talk about being a “senior”


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