Grumpy Gets in the Christmas Spirit

Merry Christmas to all and to all a great time of enjoying your blessings.

Bah Humbug Grumpy Goes Soft

Bah Humbug Grumpy Goes Soft

In spite of Frosty being under the weather a little the past few days, we had a great afternoon of delivering goodie baskets to some friends. Isn’t it amazing that even when you are missing being with family, when you get out and do a nice deed, if just blesses your spirit. Frosty was able to correct me on some Christmas trivia today. Beginning with posting Five Golden Rings 3 days ago and counting down, I apparently don’t know the correct words to Twelve Days of Christmas. I had written Four Turtle Doves, when he tells me that should be Four Calling Birds and today would be Two Turtle Doves. I told him that if he gets any more Christmas smarts and doesn’t stop enjoying doing nice things for friends, I will have to take away his “Bah Humbug” pillow from under his Grumpy doll, which hangs on his side of the bed. So this afternoon, he is back to being his same ole self. He balked when I ask him to help me wrap presents and went on-line to see just how much I had spent on grandkids, throwing those, “you ordered what?” looks at me all afternoon.

He did slip once this afternoon when he told the store clerk “Merry Christmas” as she ask if he would like to use the Senior discount to purchase a last minute gift.

Because of his coughing and wheezing, we are in for the night. He escaped for a couple of hours today, but think that we will watch what has become a tradition in our family each year, Griswalds Family Vacation. I just happen to have jars full of cookies that we will have beside our cups of hot tea.

Christmas for us, will be next week when some of our kids come in. They told us they are coming to see us, but we know they are really coming to watch the Rose Parade. We live on the street where the floats line up, so about 5 a.m. NY day, we go out and walk up and down to see the floats before they start down the parade route. It really is a fun way to begin the New Year and this year, we will enjoy watching the grandkids’ eyes as they see the beautiful floats of some of their favorite characters. All this to say that we are very blessed, in spite of this being a little different year for Christmas. We have not been without some family on Christmas, but just knowing that it’s not just one day that makes up Christmas, it is the knowledge of knowing that Christ came to earth as a babe, wrapped in swaddling clothes, to give us hope, to give us Peace, but most of all, to give us Eternal Life. That’s the best gift of all…and it offered to us 365 days a year, not just December 25th. When you gather your family around the tree, remember to give thanks for all the things that you do have, instead of thinking about the things you might not have or receive tomorrow. Having Christ in our hearts causes us to sing, Joy To The World, The Lord Has Come.
Merry Christmas to all of our family and friends. We love you! Frosty and Noel


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