Christmas Chatter

Last night I texted (yes, I am one of those who prefers to text than use the telephone, although that does make me sound pretty cool and hip I guess) both of our daughters and told them that they needed to step it up a notch.

Yesterday,  I had a couple of friends over to help organize a party our class is having and over great (even if I say so myself) potato soup and garlic cheese biscuits, we talked about our adult children. One of the ladies there just “happened” to mention that her grandson had spent the night due to the fact that his parents, her daughter and son–in-law had gone to Ryan Secrest’s Christmas party. What? how could I compete with that? The only exciting thing I had to talk about was that one of our daughters and her husband were going to a church party where they would be taking a white elephant gift of under $5 and it had to begin with a “M” so they were taking live minnows. Our other daughter didn’t even have a story which included anything live, except her kids. Now, I love my grandkids as much as the other baby boomers, but really, how much can I brag about grandkids that their only line in the Christmas school pagent is, “I do, I do” and then proceeds to give his mom a thumbs up. Or our little granddaughter having her mom text me because she is worried that I forgot my toothbrush at their house in Florida and were my teeth getting brushed since I had left it there?

I just remembered, I have a friend who bragged that she was standing on the street corner last week and was waiting for the light to turn green so she could cross when she looked at the car right by her and realized that she was staring in the face of Jay Leno….and he even waved back when she smiled and waved at him. Maybe I could use that as my conversation subject until our kids give us a little more exciting material to use. Until then, I’m going to just have to get out my old pictures of The Fonz and me and Willy Nelson and me, Jack Ritter & me and last, Detective Green (from Law & Order) and the other guy who was his partner that I can’t remember his name and ME……why my, I think I will give Mrs. Mother of Ryan’s Christmas party invitee a call. I have a few things I can “happen” to mention….

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