Creative Christmas Cuties

Have seen several new ideas that I am going to use this Christmas season. It is fun to go through all the new magazines that arrive and see things that make me wonder, “why did I not think of that?”

One of the things that caught my attention is this:

When you don’t want the added calories of wrapping veggie sticks (such as carrots, green beans, green onions, zucchini) together, cut a yellow squash in 2″ slices. Cut out the middle, leaving only a 1/2″ shell. Collect the veggie sticks and place the squash ring around

I just took a picture of it, but for some reason it is not downloading to this post. Will work on that. Just use your usual seasoning and bake until veggies are tender.
Another idea I read, when you are wanting a really moist brownie, make the recipe for chocolate sheet cake in a jelly roll pan. When it is cool, turn upside down on waxed paper. Cut the cake in half. Make the frosting and put half the frosting on the bottom half, then top with the other half of cake then top with frosting. This will give you an amazing moist brownie with scrumptious frosting. Sprinkle with colored sugar.
Next, use your cookie cutters to shape your fruit for that Christmas morning buffet. Slice your cantaloupe, watermelon or pineapple to 1″ slices. Using a Christmas tree cookie cutter, or snowman, cut the fruit into Christmas shapes.

Last one for today, when you are serving a rich soup to company, use your Christmas mugs instead of bowls.

I forgot to post last week who won the Thumbie I was giving away to the person who sent me the best thumbprint cookie recipe. Rose sent me a great recipe for cookies and I have already made them twice. Thanks Rosie from Houston, hope you enjoy the Thumbie…..

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