Blogger’s Cookie Swap

Just received my first dozen cookies from a food blogger. Ginger cookies, with fresh candied ginger. AMAZING!!!! From a blogger in North Carolina and oh how I wish she would have included her info so I could thank her for sending some of the best Christmas cookies EVER!!!! I sent my 3 dozen off today. It was such fun to send cookies to 3 strangers who enjoy blogging about food. I knew when the return address was North Carolina that the cookies would be divine. I mean, food from the South is well, there is just something about Southern food. So am off to a great start with this Cookie Swap. Can hardly wait for the other 2 dozen cookies to arrive.

Because I was in the mood earlier in the afternoon to bake a fresh cranberry cake, which I had seen on Face Book and couldn’t wait another day to try, I whipped up the cake and while it was baking, my neighbor brought over a box that had arrived while we were out of town. I opened it to see the tin of cookies. So tonight, we are sitting, watching The Voice, with a piece of cake in one hand and a cookie in the other. Oh the scents of Christmas, not cedar trees, hot chocolate or pine, but ginger, cakes baking and hot chocolate. Those are the scents that make memories which remain long after the Christmas tree is taken down.

Will post the cranberry cake recipe tomorrow, if I can put these ginger cookies down long enough to type.

4 thoughts on “Blogger’s Cookie Swap

  1. how fun to have a blog cookie swap…I have not heard of that yet…it’s a great idea…some of us local bloggers were going to do a cookie swap this weekend but little by little everyone dropped out…including myself…i felt so bad for the gal who had planned it for months and months…But I have to say I like your version better!!


    • Hi Sue, i was thinking of u last week! How are you? WordPress came up with that idea several weeks ago! Sent it out to all food bloggers! Around the middle of Dec they will be posting pictures and recipes of all the cookies that were sent to the participants! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We were in Florida with some of our kids, just getting home last night! Good to hear from you, trudy

      Please go to for my blog! “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; Honor others above yourself” Romans 12:10



    • Thanks LeAndra. Have had OOT company but am finally getting to PO tomorrow to mail your Thumbie! Cannot wait to make your ginger cookies. Made Paula Deens ginger cookies today because i didnt have the ginger needed for yours but will make those next week! Absolutely delicious! Love your blog. So professional!

      Please go to for my blog! “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; Honor others above yourself” Romans 12:10



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