Cookie Swap

Finally stepping out of my comfort zone, I have entered a cooking bloggers cookie swap. Today I received the 3 bloggers (which is kept secret until they receive the cookies), which I will send 1 dz cookies to each of the 3.. Haven’t figured out which cookie I will make, so if any of you have a great cookie recipe that travels well by mail, please let me hear from you. All the recipes from this cookie swap will be posted in an on-line site in December.

Essentially, you get three dozen cookies, one dozen each from three other bloggers in addition to mailing out three dozen cookies of your own creation to three fellow bloggers and make a donation to a lovely charity in the process. What could be better?



One thought on “Cookie Swap

  1. I wanted to be part of that cookie exchange as well, but didn’t find out about it until after the deadline! Totally bummed. I’ll definitely have to do it next year. However, I will actually be doing a “25 Days of Christmas – Cookie Style” blog starting December 1st. Everyday, for 25 days, I will post a new cookies/bar recipes for the holidays. Yep, I’ll be making 25 different recipes ! My neighbors and husbands’ co-workers are going to definitely enjoy the benefits of this. Feel free to check out my blog at and/or ‘LIKE’ Sweet Dash of Sass on Facebook prior to December 1st to not miss out on any of these recipes. I love the holiday time! HAPPY BAKING! Can’t wait to read about all the different recipes people get in the cookie swap!


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