Cupcake Thoughts

Was out buying materials to begin making Thumies today when I had an idea. While standing and waiting to check out, I had visions of chocolate cupcakes with an orange candy melt in the middle; frosted with an orange colored frosting with a Fall themed pick; would make such a pretty presentation. Since the Wilton candy melts were being promoted right by the check out counter, I reached over and grabbed a bag. Now I have to make some, so tomorrow afternoon will be using these pretty little orange candy melts by pouring the cupcake liner half full, then placing a candy melt on the batter then putting a teaspoon full of batter over the candy melt. When done,  I wil frost with orange tinted frosting. Michael’s Arts & Crafts had such a great collection of Fall decorations and food decorating goodies. I love to buy from Hobby Lobby when possible, but today just didn’t have time to drive out to Rancho. Had to hurry home to begin to make our new creation, “Thumies” Already have orders coming in. Will have two different sizes, the larger one for regular size cupcake tins when you are making brownie cups called Thumbo’s and for the mini cupcake pans, Thumpkins. Am excited to get these cuties out there since we are entering the baking season. You will never have cookie dough under your fingernails again.

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