Styrofoam Plates Lead to Marriage Counseling

It really is all my fault. I should never have ask poor Randy to take out the garbage. Really. Everything was going along splendidly all weekend until last night. We had worked together bringing home all our fall pumpkins and enjoyed a hamburger for lunch on Saturday.  We drove down to the coast for a wonderful seafood dinner and attended church, having lunch with some friends yesterday. But then….after emptying out several plastic containers of old books and making a huge stash to be thrown out, our romantic work weekend came to a halt.

As the sun began to set and we both decided it was time to eat, I told him that if he would take the garbage out, I would get dinner ready. That’s just what us wonderful wives do, we feed our men. We both had worked feverlshly all day carrying the huge containers up the stairs and I was now exhausted.  So I quickly got out two Styrofoam plates out of the cabinet and nuked our left over Mexican food we had not finished at lunch. Grabbing forks from the drawer, I set the foam plates down on the table as he was walking back in from playing garbage guy. I was so proud that I had managed to nuke two plates of food, filled two plastic glasses with tea and had them sitting on the table by the time he walked in the door. Yes, I did all that in 5 minutes and thought to myself, “what a gal”. We sat down, said the blessing and he began our table talk. “well, I noticed that our neighbors downstairs are having dinner by candlelight on their china AGAIN tonight. Isn’t that nice? Oh, look, here is our leftovers from lunch, combined with the half melted Styrofoam plates blended with the cheese enchiladas. But, it’s ok, at least we aren’t eating with plastic forks, AND…we have brewed tea. What more can a guy ask for.” OK, Mr. Wonderful, what is your point? Does he not know that the couple downstairs are still in the honeymoon stage? She is still trying to get him to put a ring on her finger. If that were still my goal, I would be using my fine china also. But we have passed through the fine china stage and am on to Styrofoam already. After all, I am so busy writing a cooking and hospitality blog that I just don’t have time to do all that fancy stuff. Does he remember that? I guess not. But, being the great little wife that I am, tonight, we will be eating our frozen TV dinners with a candle on the table. I might even get out the nice pottery, but I’m not going to go to storage to get the china. After all, the rings are already on my fingers and I don”t want our china broken if he makes any more remarks like the one last night. Besides the heavy pottery plates would make better impressions.

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