Prelude to Fall

It is so easy for me to tell when fall has arrived, even though the temps are still in the 90’s. The minute I begin to diligently sit all evening trying to find new recipes for the holidays is the first clue. The second clue is when I simply cannot stay out of my kitchen. Even when I know a new Hobby Lobby is opening about 45 minutes away, I just cannot keep my head out of the oven, oops, I mean the kitchen.  While I am waiting for the carrot cake to cool before frosting, I will post a new recipe that I know my sister-in-law will rave about. It has two of her favorite ingredients, cranberries and pork roast. Perfect for the Thanksgiving and Christmas family dinners. While writing this, I was just thinking about how different foods define different parts of the year and specific holidays.

January is black-eyed pea month

February is chocolate month (actually every month is chocolate month in this household)

March is when we start thinking about coconut cakes and Irish coffee

April is ham and deviled eggs (making use of the Easter eggs)

May is picnic baskets, filled with your favorite Memorial Day fried chicken

June is, well, I couldn’t think of what food is associated with June, so I went to Google and it just told me that June is Natl Candy Month. Who knew? So June is right up there at the top of my favorite months. I was getting ready to say that, since nothing came to mind when I thought of June, that would be my month to loose weight before the picnic month and the ice cream month, but never mind, now that I know it is candy month. Diet will have to wait till some other time.

July 4th, hot dogs, potato salad and flag cakes

August is National Ice Cream month (my hubby’s fav month)

September is Labor Day patio barbeques

October is pumpkin breads, pumpkin cookies, peanut-chocolate cakes decorated with candy corn

When you see the word November anywhere, your mind immediately sees a stuffed turkey

December is visions of sugar plums, every type of cookie known to man, pork roast or standing rib roast, all dancing around in our heads.
Why did I get carried away with this? All I know is that from this day forward my focus will be food. Cobbles and cinnamon, pies and popovers, cakes and cookies, stews and soups. What an adventure lies ahead this fall as we begin to “gather around the table” giving thanks for the scents and smells of this fabulous season. While you’re at it, give thanks for the gift of smell. It is one of those gifts that we take for granted. Wouldn’t we miss being able to just walk through the door with wonderful aromas to welcome us out of sometimes a very hectic and hurried world.

Since this ended up being a rather drawn out “daily thought” I will post the pork roast recipe separately.

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