Post Mothers Day Blues

The cards are all lined up on the mantel, the flowers still adorn the table and the “all about me” day is behind for yet another year. This weekend was almost as good as my birthday or Christmas except that I didn’t have to cook or wrap presents…it was all about me. Now, I know that by my age, it shouldn’t always be about me, but it was just so much fun to have Randy declare that the whole weekend could be “junk food” weekend, just for me. We began Saturday morning at the Donut Man shop, where we loaded up on fresh strawberry donuts and proceeded to Steinmart where I found a couple of clothing items I just couldn’t live without. Then we headed to Costco where we sampled our way through the store, ending up sharing a hotdog and coke. We were so tired from all the carbs that we went home and took a nap and was so excited to see a couple of packages on the doorstep. This is just a great weekend. After we slept long enough to be hungry again, he asked where I would want to go eat and I quickly said, Sahara’s…my fav place for lebanese food. Going to bed totally stuffed, we woke up and went to church, then I had my choice of where to go for lunch. We ended up going to have mexican food as I will be in Phoenix the rest of the week where I will be lucky to have frozen pizza or boxed macaroni and cheese. Eric, my son-in-law, tells me that he doesn’t feel sorry for me having to eat what he gets every day, he just always tells me, “welcome to my world.”

The afternoon brought laughter and joy as we FaceTimed with our kids in Orlando, texted back and forth with kids that told me, I called you yesterday so do I have to call you today? Are they not just the most precious children…we are so proud.

That night, the sadness of “my day” almost being over, Randy told me that to end the celebration, I could have my choice, one more time this weekend of how I wanted to end the day. If you have ever had Houston’s Key Lime Pie, you will know why I choose that as my last Mothers Day present. That pie is just the most delicious pie in the world. So we went and got two pieces, brought them back home, turned on the television and ate while we watched the season finale  (recorded from Fri night) of Red Widow. If you were like us and thrived on watching Jack every week on 24, you would love this show. We both had to swallow a bottle of tums before we could lie down to sleep. But it was so worth the heartburn.

Today, as I crawled out of bed, knowing that the scales would certainly not be my friend today, I didn’t even glance at them, instead I walked over to Randy and told him that I was a little down because “my day” wouldn’t come again for another year. He looked at me and just shook his head.

Because we didn’t have enough tummy room or time to get in all the junk food places that I wanted to go over the weekend, he pulled out the Baskin Robbins coupon, buy one sundae/get one free and told me that tonight, if I would promise to not pout Tues morning, he would take me tonight to get my “last MD present”…a hot fudge sundae….and you ask yourself, does pouting really work? Either it does, or it his secret celebration that I am leaving home for a week…I wonder….

2 thoughts on “Post Mothers Day Blues

  1. Another home cooked meal tonight….Baskin Robbins. My wife is just too good to me. While she is gone to visit the kids, she is good enough to buy me 5 frozen dinners marked Tuesday, Wedesday, Thursday and so on…I didn’t know home cooking comes in boxes

    I will miss the Lil Princess, but will loose some weight.


    • Oh boy, u are going to pay for that! Ha. U are so bad!

      Please go to for my blog! “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; Honor others above yourself” Romans 12:10


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