Mothers Day Memories

Mothers Day almost conjures up more emotions regarding family than Christmas or Thanksgiving. When I received a phone call this morning from one of our children wondering if we were going to be home in the morning for a delivery, my ears and my heart perked up. Remembering through the years of some of the Mothers days are bringing back some sweet, some funny and some not so sweet or funny memories.

When Jason was about 6, he and his older cousin walked to a store about a block from our house. They had taken their money to go find the perfect gift for their moms. Upon opening the present on Sunday, my eyes fell on one of the gaudiest and largest necklaces that I had ever seen, yet, being the “great mom” I was, I oohed and ahh’d over it like it was a strand of pearls. Wore it to church and tried to wear it when I went places that I figured I would hopefully not run into anyone I knew. The cousin’s mom had a different reaction. She told her son that it was just the most awful thing she had seen and made him take it back to the store. That broke my heart for my nephew. Then there were the years that Jodi, in her sweet little gesture, would hunt around the house for something and put it in a box and give to me. It was those times that the acting of being surprised and pleased would have qualified me for an academy award. Jamin seemed to not be into presents and felt that if he went through Mothers Day without me having to spank or yell at him, that was his gift to me. Truly it was.

As the years have gone by, there have been times when Mothers day was just perfect. Most of the kids would be with us, (some living out of town) and we would sit outside watching grandkids play and receiving cards that sounded like they were written by Martha Stewart herself. You knew that the kids were just there for the free meal they didn’t have to cook and they were getting free babysitting. Kids are smart. They know that if they come over to eat, Nana and Pops would insist that the precious little ones remain behind for awhile. So before the last of the dessert is off the plate, they are out the door and now I was left to clean up the dishes, entertain grandkids and try to figure out what to do with all the leftovers. I would spend the rest of the day thinking to myself, “wow, am I a great Mom or what?”

A few years ago, when I was really missing our kids not all living in the same town, there was a knock at the front door on Friday before Mothers Day, Jamin and Tina had bought me a beautiful bracelet and was having it delivered. One of Jamin’s friends’ mom had died and I guesst that made him think about that time in the future of loss of someone dear to him. Because of him experiencing his friends sorrow, he wrote a sweet card to tell me his feelings along with a beautiful bracelet that I cherish to this day.

Isn’t it interesting that when we are young, the thought of just receiving a photo as a gift didn’t mean that much, but as the years go by, that has become one of my most treasured gifts from family. Pictures are the belongings that we never mind dusting. I remember the first year that I received cards from Christi and Cameron. That meant the world to me, as I had just married their dad and to think that they were sending me such a sweet thoughts made me so thankful of the blessing that they had become to me in such a short time.

Today, because we are such a far distance from our children/grandchildren, we would love to have the gift of being able to have them all in one place. One of our favorite memories came a couple of years ago when we were all in Dallas because of a funeral. All the kids were present. The church was about an hour away from Dallas so we were in a couple of cars, following each other. Since we arrived a little early to our destination, we decided to stop for a coke before proceeding to the church. One of our children, (I won’t mention his name, but he is only related to us by marriage, and oh yes, by love) gave his order to the “box” at the drive through window in a voice that had a rather strange accent. Let’s just say that he would have qualified for being on Duck Dynesty. We all got so tickled that we were doubled over. We swore that we wouldn’t tell anyone that we had laughed like that, after all, we were headed to a funeral. But it is times like that that seem to linger in our minds of the sweetness, the friendship and love that builds among your adult children. Those are the memories that outshine any gift. Yes, sometimes I admit I do have visions of what I would consider the perfect meal, if it were just being cooked for me, or thoughts of gifts I would receive that show me how much my children “love me”, but…the memories of being with them top all those expectations. Well, guess I should wait until after tomorrow to see what is being delivered before I really decide on that last  statement….hum….memories; or a giant box of chocolates or cupcakes or fruit, or a trip, oh my, maybe it is a trip, or……

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    • I know. It would be so nice!

      Please go to for my blog! “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; Honor others above yourself” Romans 12:10


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