Very Berry Summer Pudding

Makes 6-8 Servings

This beautiful showstopper is taken from a new Southern Living Magazine. Serve with whipped cream.

2 cups sliced fresh strawberries

2 cups fresh cherries, pitted and halved

2 cups fresh raspberries

2 cups fresh blackberries

1 cup fresh blueberries

1/2 cup sugar

1/4 cup orange liqueur

3 (3 oz) packages of soft ladyfingers

Stir together first 6 ingredients in a large heavy stainless steel saucepan; let stand 30 min, stirring occasionally.

Add 1/2 cup water and cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally for 8-10 min or just until berries begin to break down and release their juices.

Remove from heat and stir in orange liqueur; cool 20 min.

Line a 2 qt souffle dish with plastic wrap. Spoon 1 cup berry mixture into prepared dish, spreading to cover the bottom. Arrange  1/3 of ladyfingers in a single layer on berry mixture, pressing together and trimming as needed to fit snugly and cover berry mixture. Repeat layers twice, dividing remaining berry mixture evenly between layers.

Cover loosely with plastic wrap and place a small plate  (approximately the same diameter as the inside of the dish) directly on top. Place 2 or 3 heavy cans on plate and chill 12 hours. Unmold pudding onto a serving plate and have whipped cream ready to top each serving.

2 thoughts on “Very Berry Summer Pudding

    • Uh, I only write about them!!! Am I suppose to bake them also?

      Please go to for my blog! “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; Honor others above yourself” Romans 12:10


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