A Trip Down Memory Lane, (Oops, I mean to CVS)

Yesterday was a turning point in both of our lives. Randy had taken off work because of some back problems and we had an appt with a doctor, hoping to see if he had an answer as to why RC’s back is hurting so much. We survived the “new patient” ordeal quite well and then drove to Walmart to get his new prescription filled. Because he was still not feeling well, he  said he would stay in the car while I went inside to get the meds, all the while feeling so proud of how I was taking care of “my man” when he was enduring really bad back pain. From inside the store,  I called his cell phone to let him know that it was going to take 30 min for them to fill the prescriptions and that I would just stay in the store and wait until I heard my name being called that the meds were ready. He didn’t answer. I thought, “poor thing, he must have fallen asleep in the car and doesn’t even hear the phone ringing,” so I went merrily on my way down the isles at Walmart, picking up a few necessary items, we would need for the weekend, such as cocoa, butter, chocolate Easter candy to nibble on, ice cream, you know, the necessities of life. When I hear my name called, I rush over to the pharmacy to get the medicine that my poor hubby is needing and rush out to the car. I find him, drinking McDonalds coffee and emailing his office. When I ask him about the coffee, he reminds me that he can get a Senior Coffee at McDonalds inside Walmart so he had gone inside to get himself a cup of coffee. It took me a minute to grasp the idea that he was too sick to go inside to get the medicine, but he wasn’t too sick to go inside to get a cup of cheap coffee. I will not be sharing my Easter candy with Mr. Down In the Back. We then head over to CVS to pick up the other things that the Dr suggested might help Randy and the pain he is having that Walmart didn’t have (which I found out after going up and down each isle while Mr. Sicko was “waiting in the car drinking his coffee”) Sorry, a little hostility escaping my thoughts. Anyway, we drive into CVS and I tell him I will be right back and will go in to get the necessary items needed for his “comfort”. He tells me that he needs to get out of the car to try to loosen his back and walk a bit hoping that the shot they had given him is starting to take effect. So now we “hobble” into CVS and as we are looking for the items, we come across a “pill caddy”. Neither one of us has ever seen this. It is a little metal caddy that attaches to your key ring that carries pills. We are standing there looking at it and I remark, “how cute is this” when all of a sudden it dawns on us. We are standing in a medicine isle at a pharmacy, gawking at a “pill caddy” and actually commenting on “how cute” and “how cool” this is and we just look at each other and it dawns on us. Are we now old? Where did the days of looking at cute little “flasks” that carries your favorite wine go? When did standing in a CVS while waiting for a prescription to be filled, looking at pill caddies, start to be fun? OMGosh! We slowly backed away (actually right now, that is his only choice, slowly doing everything, poor guy) and  I hobbled quickly over to the makeup isle and he over to the magazine isle to look through Road and Track. We just pray that no one saw us holding the pill caddy in our hands. That is just not cool and hip. In case they did see us, I loudly yelled over to Randy, “honey, did you want to go ahead and buy that pill caddy for your older brother as a stocking stuffer for next Christmas, I will meet you at the check out counter as soon as I decide on which Sun Tan Lotion to buy” Whew….we knew then that we had entered a season that we are not ready to enter. So we came home, reorganized  and refilled our plastic pill cases with the new meds and turned on our recorded Wheel of Fortune from the night before because we fell asleep before we could watch it,  to remind ourselves that we certainly are not ready to be “old”.

4 thoughts on “A Trip Down Memory Lane, (Oops, I mean to CVS)

  1. Dear Trudy,
    I love to laugh and your blogs always give me big time chuckles!!!
    Love, Fellow Oldster (it’s not so bad) Danita


    • You are so right!!! I put it as an icon on his phone now so he can just open that!

      Please go to ChocolateCastles.com for my blog! “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; Honor others above yourself” Romans 12:10


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