Baking, Math & Grandkids

It finally happened. Last night, I was sitting there watching Wheel of Fortune (oops, I mean Extra,makes me sound much more hip)) when my phone rings and my grandson is FaceTiming me. I answered and out popped out of his mouth, “Nana, can you help me, I have a problem” Well, you can imagine the feeling that set in. It was finally happening; grandchildren, running to their Nana for problem solving. Before he could actually state what he needed, I had visions of questions that I thought might pop out of his precious little mouth, such as, “Nana, there is a pretty girl in my class who I want to impress, what should I do, or Nana, my parents don’t understand me, can I talk to you,” well, I was preparing to pour out my heart to him when I hear, “nana, what is 1/2 of 3/4 cup”. It wasn’t quite the problem that I thought might be coming for me to solve, but when he started talking, I discovered that if he were making cookies that called for 3/4 cup flour, he thought, he would go to the baker in the family, Nana. Still, it was enough to swell my heart with pride that he thought of me as the baker of the family. Immediately I began to ask questions such as, what kind of cookies are they and if the recipe makes 2 dozen, 3/4 cup flour will most assuredly not be near enough flour and what are you baking the cookies for. All these questions I began to throw his direction when I thought, “I should just answer his little question so I began to throw out there how I divided 3/4 cup anything. I fill up the cup with 3/4 cup of whatever ingredient it calls for and then spoon out what is needed to make it look like I finally have what looks like 1/2 of 3/4…when I saw the “rolling of his eyes”. I thought, oops, that didn’t sound very cool, so I threw in, “well, I sometimes just google the question to get the answer” that’s when his dad grabbed the iPad away from him and looked me straight in the eye and said, “MIL (mother in law) he is trying to do a math equation, there are really no cookies, he cannot use google and we have no measuring cups, as we live on boxed macaroni and cheese and frozen pizzas”.  Well…..i couldn’t believe that they really were not baking. I was so disappointed. A nana’s dreams shattered once again. I am signing off the blog to go online and take a refresher course in general math…..just in case I get another chance to redeem myself. But seriously, wouldn’t it really be easier to just google the question? 


3 thoughts on “Baking, Math & Grandkids

    • Shoot! I knew I forgot to do something! No I didnt find out the answer!

      Please go to for my blog! “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; Honor others above yourself” Romans 12:10


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