Tips for Baking Cookies

Yesterday a friend emailed me and said that a lady had brought in ginger cookies to the office. They were thin and crispy  and she wanted to know why they had spread out so much. Here was my answer.

1. Almost always, the cheaper the butter the more water content. Never use whipped butter or margarine, way too much water content.

2. If you like a “fluffier” cookie to that of a thin crispy cookie, use half butter and half shortening in the recipe.

3. In making chocolate chip cookies from the recipe on the back of the Nestles Semi Sweet CC’s it calls for 2 eggs, I only use 1. If recipe calls for Large Eggs, and you have Extra Large, use only half of the eggs called for in the recipe.

4. Using parchment paper seems to help the dough not spread out so much.

5. Measuring the flour is really important. I never sift the flour. I stir the flour in the canister before I dip the measuring cup into the flour. I do not pack it in. I just dip the measuring cup in the flour and then level it off at the top.

If you like them soft, be sure to begin to watch the cookies in the last 2-3 minutes of baking time. Because all ovens are different, yours might be done in 9 min as opposed to 11. If the cookie just barely creases when you poke your finger in it, that is usually when I take them out. I am assured that they will stay soft that way. I also don’t use cooling racks. I put the hot cookie straight from the cookie sheet to the paper towel that I have placed on the counter. Soaks up some of the grease and seems to keep them softer than the cooling rack.

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