Post Election Thoughts

As we went to bed last night learning that our country will be under the leadership of President Obama, both Randy and I were, to say the least, disappointed, saddened and surprised that he had won. As many of you across the country have been setting special times of prayer to pray for our country and this election, and probably feeling like we were, I couldn’t help but wonder, “why did God not answer our prayers”….were there not enough of us praying?, did we not have the right attitude in our hearts?  Had we really been praying, believing? As I laid there last night, not being able to sleep, I could not help but go over these questions, asking God, “why”?

This morning, after waking up to realize that America had indeed voted for a President that does not support what we feel is a Biblical approach to lead this supposedly, “One Nation Under God”, something occurred to me.

Over 2000 years ago, was this not what the disciples were thinking and struggling with the night Jesus was arrested? They must have been asking the same questions, “wasn’t Jesus suppose to be setting up His kingdom” and if everything they had been taught were true, why was God allowing Jesus to die? What was happening to their perfect plan to have Jesus as their leader and what would they do now, that Jesus had been crucified?”

In 3 days, they found the answers to all their questions. God had a better plan. A plan that would bring salvation to all who believed and a plan that would last throughout generations to bring eternal life and joy and peace that the world had never known.

We might not find out in 3 days what God’s plan is, but we can be sure of this.God does have a perfect plan and He is still on His throne. Let’s commit to pray for our President and leaders. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see salvation come to the White House.  We, just like the disciples, will be watching expectedly for God’s Perfect Plan” to unfold!

“Because He lives, I can face tomorrow, because He lives, all fear is gone, because I know Who holds the future and life is worth the living, just because He lives.”

2 thoughts on “Post Election Thoughts

  1. Perhaps…since we have left God out of almost everything in our country…God has taken His hand off of America. We sing “God bless American” and then turn Him out of our schools, government, and some churches. Why would He bless us anymore. I think the only thing that can save us as a nation is a revival and turning back to the Lord. As things look today…that is very unlikely.

    Look at the children and grandchildren of many so called christians that were brought up in the church. Parents did not teach (or live) the way they should have as christians. So many kids that we look at that were brought up in the church have turned their back on the Lord…then their children know nothing of our Lord and Savior. They see nothing wrong with being gay, living together and not married, have children out of wedlock…on and on.

    Yes, I, too was so disappointed and sad that the election turned out the way it did. Before we knew the results I told Gary that so many have prayed for this election…if Obama wins it will because the Lord let it happen. Now..we keep praying for our country and for people to come to know the Lord but sorry to say, I feel we will be reaping what others have voted in.

    We must remember…the Lord knows what the future holds and we are His children..He will see us through.

    Sorry for the “soapbox” but it was nice to vent.haha


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