Free Popcorn, Flat Tires & Fresh Coffee

I thought an update might be appropriate since many of you have commented on the fun and cheap, (oops, I forgot, we are trying to be classy) I mean inexpensive Saturday that Randy and I had a couple of weekends ago.

We have now learned something else, very important. The more expensive the car dealership, the better the snacks you get. This past Saturday, we woke up to a flat tire which meant that we called AAA (the ones who come out to fix your car, no, we didn’t turn into alcoholics from just having a flat tire, that would have been AA) But back to the story. We had them put on the spare in order for us to get to the dealership where we were told it would only be a few minutes and they would have a new tire put on and we could just wait in the “lounge” until they called us. Well, I can tell you that I am headed back there next weekend after the grandkids leave. Not only were we treated to free cookies, free popcorn, free soda and free coffee, but oh this is good……they had  massage chairs that you see in the malls. So Randy and I just went on over, flopped down (yes, when you are as big as we are, you flop down), in the chairs, turned on the back roller, the up and down massager that makes you feel like a limp noodle and even had the leg massager that vibrates your legs. It was a wonderful morning. Having popcorn, coffee and watching TV all the while sitting in these glorious chairs.  We were so sorry when they called us that the car was ready. We weren’t through with our massage yet….but we paid for our new tire, which cheated me out of a new outfit the whole rest of the year, and headed out to other car dealerships, still trying to find Randy a car. We discovered that the AutoMall is not where we wanted to buy a car. They only had warm bottled water, no massage chair and a salesman that wore a really bad rug….(on his head, not one wrapped around him)…That did it. We decided that even if it were necessary to sell a couple of the grandkids (don’t think badly of me, we have plenty of them) to buy a car where you are treated like royalty, then that’s what we would do. So when you see “grandkids for sale” on Ebay, you will know that we have found just the perfect snack dealership, I mean, car for Randy. I’m asking Randy for a gift certificate to the Lexus Dealership Lounge for Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Free Popcorn, Flat Tires & Fresh Coffee

  1. May I clarify and say that you have plenty of BOY grandchildren? Also, I want to go to the car dealership with you too–sounds great!


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