Randy and The Birthday Massage

Saturday began as any other usual Saturday. We woke up, fixed breakfast and sat down, he with his cup of coffee and me with my diet Dr. Pepper so we could discuss our plans for the day. Because his birthday was last Monday and mine is coming up this week, we wanted to make Saturday a fun day for us both…well, he surprised me by saying, “you have been wanting me to go with you to your massage place, so I think we should go do that to start our day.” I couldn’t believe my ears, here was Mr. Anti-Massage, (after he broke out in a very uncomfortable case of itchy rash after going with me for a salt scrub a few years ago) suggesting that we go get a massage. The ladies in our Sunday School class have introduced me to a place called, Relax Station, so that is where Randy and I go,  wearing just shorts and a T-shirt and lay down on their “chairs” that fold down for an hour, while they do reflexology on your feet and then proceed to work on your back and neck. It is just so relaxing. The room has about 10 or 12 of these chairs, and since you don’t change into a gown, you are fully dressed. So it is very relaxing. Well, we walk in and we are the first to arrive that day. We pick the hour massage and lay down. They immediately bring the tub of water to put your feet in while they start pushing pressure points on your face and head. I can’t see how Randy is taking this, but since I don’t hear any complaining, think he must be enjoying it. About 15 minutes into our massage, I think I hear something that sounds familiar. We are now not the only ones in the place, as others have begun to come in to enjoy this awesome experience that makes you feel like a limp noodle. Well, the “familiar noise” gets a little louder when I take the towel off my eyes and see Randy’s towel going up and down over his nose. Yes…you guessed it…he has fallen asleep and the snoring gets louder to where the others in the room are now snickering. I cannot believe this. I take him for a massage and he is paying $25.00 to sleep. When the hour is over, she wakes him up. He sits up and says, “wow, that was great, I can’t wait to come back”. Well, mister, not with me your not.  I got so stressed out listening to him snore and more stressed out when people began to snicker that I am more stressed than when I walked in. I tell him that if he will take me out for ice cream and lunch, I might forgive him, so off we go to find a yogurt shop.  He decides to put the top down on the car since it is such a beautiful day. Now you must know that I spent an hour this morning washing and curling my hair on a curling iron so I would look nice for our “birthday Celebration Saturday” and after the oil already rubbed in my hair from the massage, it is already going limp, but……we get in the car with the top down, and he sees something on the windshield. Yes, you guessed it…he turns on the wiper water which proceeds to blow over the windshield right in my face. My hair is done. I look so bad, I will only go to a drive thru for a hamburger and talk him into going home so I can redo my hairdo.  While I am doing this, he is still so relaxed from the massage, he falls asleep. Our Birthday Celebration didn’t quite turn out like we expected, but we did end the day at our favorite restaurant, Houstons, where we had a good laugh over the events of the day. When I think of getting older, there is no one else I would rather be with. He not only brings me laughter, but so much joy and adds adventure everyday to my life. Thank you Sweetie for always making our birthdays so special! But….I still won’t go with you anymore to get a massage..You are on your own for that one, buster!

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