Randy’s Birthday

Today is my little firecracker’s birthday. He wanted a bicycle for his birthday so he could begin a “buff & bulk up” program hoping to prolong his “youthful” like body…so off we went to look for him a bike.  We finally found one and he brought it home and off he rode into the wild blue yonder, with the phone in his pocket in case he couldn’t make it up all the hills around our house…….am making him a german chocolate cake today for his requested cake and just make him a homemade card. We agreed several months ago to begin to make cards and not buy them anymore. When we moved, we threw away stacks of cards, which showed us how much money we had spent on cards through the years. So when we saw that we could have possibly gone to Europe on the money we had spent buying cards, we decided then and there to make cards, write emails or letters that conveyed our thoughts and save our money. So far, we have enough to go to San Diego for one night, but I’m sure we will get better at this card making thing. Happy Birthday Bicycle Bill, will have you a great German Chocolate cake ready by the time you get home for your round the block bicycle tour tonight.

Randy going on his first bicycle ride! Happy Birthday

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