Walking To Get Butter

I think that this is some kind of oxymoron, walking for exercise and to buy butter and eggs.  Most people around the great state of California walk everyday. You cannot go anywhere around Pasadena without seeing people walking to work, walking for exercise or just our for a stroll. Because the weather is just so amazing and cool, it invites us to just put our walking shoes on and head out. Some of our friends who live down the street actually walk to church every Sunday morning, a 40 min walk. I would have to do a lot of praying before I attempted that, but this morning, it was 57 outside, sunny and just so gorgeous, that I decided to put my earphones in and crank up the ole iPhone and listen to Sandi Patti and walk to the grocery store. Randy’s car is in the shop, so I am without a car today, which puts me at home. What do I do when I am home all day? I bake! So upon the realization that I only had 5 eggs, I realized that if I was going to do some heavy duty baking, I was going to have to go to the store and get more eggs and butter. When I think about that, it just seems weird. Most people you pass walking on the street are walking around with a bottled water, but no, not me, I am carrying my bag with cholesterol laden butter and eggs and sour cream! Maybe that is why all the cute little joggers stared at me when I was walking. At first I thought maybe it was the cute little walking outfit I had on, blue jeans with black paint splattered all over the front, new sparkling white tennies, pink earphones and a flamingo patterned hat…..now there’s a picture you can’t get out of your mind. But as I strolled along, humming Sandi Patti all the while, switching the butter and eggs from hand to hand, I realized that the “true walkers” were looking at my grocery items. I think they probably hadn’t see an exercise guru such as myself walking along, carrying butter and eggs. But….I made it home before they called the walking police after me. So am back home, looking at recipes to figure out which scones and pound cake to make today. Maybe tomorrow, I will walk past the grocery store to the fitness center……no, I just remembered, I went there once and promised myself I would never, ever go again: they threw me out when I brought everyone in  my exercise class a bag of cookies for all their hard work.

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