Coffee Infused Angel Food Cake with Whipped Frosting

One of the ladies brought this cake to a dinner we were at and I have to tell you… was wonderful. I NEVER go back for seconds in public because I don’t want them to see me doing that and think, “well, now we know why she weighs what she does”  I guess if they don’t see me eating for two, it will make them wonder if I just have a medical condition, ha……but I just had to have a two pieces, plus I ate the topping off of Randy’s plate, because he really doesn’t like sweets as much as I do. One of our sons from Austin was here and when I saw him eating the cake, you could tell he thought it was awesome also. Corky, thanks for sharing this recipe, it really is a great cake and I can’t wait to make it.

One Duncan Hines Angel Food cake mix, baked according to directions, except instead of baking it in a tube pan, make it in 3 9″ layer pans.

Let cool and set aside.


1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream

3 tables superfine sugar

1/4 cup very strong brewed coffee, which has been cooled to room temp or placed in fridge for a while to cool.

Whip cream until fluffy and add sugar and coffee and continue beating until medium soft peaks form.

To assemble cake (best done just a short time before serving):

frost cake generously with the whipped cream between layers of cakes, along with some smaller coffee crunch pieces (*this recipe will follow) Top with remaining whipped cream mixture and lots of the coffee crunch pieces.

Coffee Crunch Pieces

Unflavored vegetable oil

1 tables baking soda, sifted

1/4 cup strong brewed coffee

1 1/2 cups granulated sugar

1/4 cup light corn syrup

Generously oil a large baking sheet. Sift the baking soda onto a small sheet of wax paper or a small plate (you are setting this aside until ready to use and don’t want to have to measure it at the last minute.) Set nearby.

Combine coffee, sugar and corn syrup in a deep heavy 4 qt saucepan.  Place over medium low heat, stirring occasionally, until sugar dissolves. When the mixture is clear and it begins to boil, increase the heat to medium high and cook until the mixture reaches 290 degrees on a candy thermometer. Toward the end of cooking, around 270 degrees to 280, stir occasionally to prevent mixture from scorching and becoming too foamy. Remove from heat and stir in baking soda. The mixture will foam up vigorously. While mixture is still foaming, pour it out onto the oiled baking sheet. Do not spread, just let it cool undisturbed for about 1 hour. Break or crush into very small pieces by placing between 2 sheets of wax paper and tapping or rolling with rolling pin. Store in airtight container until ready to use on cake. 

This cake is really worth the effort and time. 


2 thoughts on “Coffee Infused Angel Food Cake with Whipped Frosting

  1. OK — are the coffee crunch pieces like brittle or like thin glass candy? I don’t cook candy with a themometer, so would 290 be a “spin a thread” stage, or beyond that? I know that not much beyond that is the burnt sugar stage! This is an intriguing recipe!


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