Trader Joe’s Store

Most of the visitors to my blog are probably from Texas and I wanted to share something that you will be enjoying very soon, if you have not already. I hear from friends in Dallas that they are putting a Trader Joes at Park and Preston with two more stores located on Greenville and Ft Worth. If you have never experienced one of these stores, can I just tell you that you are in for a wonderful surprise! I have learned to appreciate the store for what it is and that is this: it is a small store that is so reasonable on prices and has a great collection of foods from all over the world. They are truly top notch and every thing that we have tried from there has been very good. They have lots of prepared frozen foods, which are really great and I have already served many of these new dishes for get togethers here at the house, which is rare for me to do. I usually home make what I serve, but the foods that I have had rave reviews are these:

The Gingerbread mix, which is seasonal, so you will have to wait until the holidays next year to probably find this.

Trader Joe  Jo-Joe’s, which is an oreo cookie with a peppermint filling. I bought these and got addicted to them immediately.Next year when they come back to the store I am going to make a cake with these delightful little gems with them chopped up in the batter and then the pink peppermint crumbs sprinkled on top.  This year, I dipped this cookie in melted chocolate just to give it an extra punch of chocolate. Their chocolate hazelnut biscotti is awesome!

Their line of frozen entrees are truly as good as what you would find in resturants.

I hope I have encouraged you to try them as soon as they open there in Dallas. You will not be sorry. See, California has sent you In and Out Burger and now….Trader Joe’s…….If we could just get Sister Schubert rolls and Diet Cherry Dr Pepper out here now, life would be grand. We do now have Dillards and Hobby Lobby, so I am a happy camper.


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