Happy New Years to You

Well, today is the beginning of a new year and as I’m sure most of you, like me, are excited to be in your kitchens cooking up foods for family coming over to watch the Rose Parade, the Bowl games and ringing in the new year. Doesn’t 2012 just sound so much better than 2011? Maybe because it’s an even number, or maybe it is because the number 12 is mentioned so many times in the Bible. We just returned from church where we gave thanks for the blessings from the past year and now look forward to the many new opportunities that the Lord will bring to us in this new year. 

We will be experiencing the Rose Parade from our front porch this year with one of our son’s, Jamin who came out here to meet some friends that have never been to the Rose Parade. So today, I am looking through new Paula Deen magazines and Southern Living to find a couple of new recipes to make for all of the friends who will be here tomorrow after walking up and down the street looking at the floats. This will be a new experience for us this year. Last year, we had spent our first night in our new home, had an air mattress and two sports chairs that we sat in watching the floats line up in front of our house. Last year, we didn’t know a soul here and spent the New Years by ourselves, which was fine, but those of you who know me know that the more people around us, the more I love it. So this year, after spending NYE with some new friends and getting to introduce them to Jamin, we are excited to know that a few new friends have told us that they will be walking down to our house tomorrow morning to grab a cup of cider and a piece of gingerbread. This is what I live for….having people come over and share food and friendship…..God has been so good to us and so faithful to lead us to people who are already so dear to both Randy and I. So tomorrow, I will be posting a couple of new recipes that we will be making tonight….Happy New Years and look for us on TV tomorrow, we will be the ones handing out coffee and hot biscuits to new friends who find their way past the floats to our new abode……


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