Gingerbread Open House

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la! This day is perfect for staying home, turning the Christmas tree lights on, lighting the fireplace and just baking. It is raining and gray, so nothing puts a spark in me like dark, rainy days. I truly love them. Tomorrow I have invited the ladies from our class at church to come over for cookies and cider and was excited to hear from so many that they are coming. So today, I have baked pecan pie bars, red velvet cupcakes, peanut butter fudge, M&M cinnamon cookies, thumbprint cookies while listening to Christmas carols. What a perfect day. The
house smells like Christmas.
FYI…..thought instead of a recipe today, I would give you a couple of new decorating tidbits. Since this is a cookie party, I thought it would be cute to really forces on the cookies. I took 3 of my Christmas Cookie jars and turned them over on their sides on the table. I stuffed the jars with green/red tissue paper and have the cookies laying just inside the cookie jars and out on the tissue, like the cookie jar has turned over and the cookies are spilling out. Labels for each type of cookie are sitting at the side so guests do not have to guess if there are nuts or coconut in them. The table has 5 types of cookies, plus 2 types of candy, so it makes it look so festive on the red table cloth that is under the jars. Since I have not figured out how to post pics on here yet, will post it on FB tomorrow when I get it all done.

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