Frosty Faces Holiday Melt-down

It happened quite unexpectedly this past Saturday. After many trips to our storage unit, we discover that we had left our tree back in Dallas for fear it would be to tall for our new home. Still feeling in the Christmas spirit and singing “Joy To The World” all the way out to Hobby Lobby, which is about 35 miles from our home, we walk in the door with a list of items to purchase. At this point, I am just thinking to myself, “Frosty is absolutely the best husband in the world to come with me to buy lights, ribbon, ornaments, and the real reason we had come….the tree. Let me remind you that we have a small car, which does have fold down seats which have been folded down quite a bit this year, hauling “treasures” back and forth to the house. But we round the corner and there it is….”our” tree…perfectly shaped, already lit, just the right height and… is on for 1/2 price, which thrills Frosty to no end. So our shopping trip is now coming to a end. Smiles on both our faces, we pay for our things and head out to the car with Box M, which is the Christmas tree. Frosty is just so proud of his purchase and we skip merrily out to the car already planning how we are going to decorate while listening to Christmas carols, drinking hot chocolate and dressed in our Christmas sweaters. We arrive at our car. Still thinking positive we load 4 to 5 bags of new Christmas treasures in the back and both of us pick up the tree box to push it in any way it will go into our little German pickup. After about 20 minutes of trying this way and that, Frosty begins to undress right there in the parking lot. His shirt flies off to expose him wearing a gray tshirt which as most of you know, Frosty’s idea of casual is penny loafers, button-downed Polo shirt and dockers with a sweater wrapped around his shoulders. So to see him strip off his shirt in public, well, this is just something that has never happened. I think the 87 degree weather has begun to melt Frosty’s attitude. He finally cuts open the tree box with our car keys and takes the tree out, which is in 3 pieces and begins to stuff it in the car. Cars have been coming and going, not daring to park in the empty spaces beside us as they could tell from the glare he gave them if they even thought about parking beside us that maybe they might just want to go look for another spot. Seeing that we have a two door car, both doors are open and people are giving us “the look” for now taking up 3 spaces. But after 30 minutes or so, we are now headed down the freeway with our new tree sticking out the sun roof. We didn’t need to buy so many ornaments as most of the needles flew off on the way home, but it is our tree and a new memory was made on Saturday afternoon, as the first new Christmas treasure I put out on Frosty’s side of the bed is a pillow that says, “Bah Humbug”…and that, my dear friends describes Frosty’s Holiday Melt-down. He hasn’t sung, Joy To The World since Saturday.

4 thoughts on “Frosty Faces Holiday Melt-down

  1. Ha Ha ha ha ha ha! I guess you miss borrowing your SIL’s pick-up truck for days like this. I can only imagine seeing Randy with his ‘perfect’ hair frazzled and scattered, as his pits become misted with the sweat of his toils, all the while trying to humor all of your suggestions/corrections on the best way to do it without taking your head off with a candy cane ornament.


    • Oh yes, I think Frosty probably did feel like cracking a whole box of candy canes over my head, but he was nice and waited until we got home to spray me with fake snow…thanks for reading it. THat made my day, love you and YES we do miss your pickup, I know, why don’t ya’ll move out here next to us and you would have instant babysitters, instant meals and lots of “bonding time” with your in-laws. Now how does that sound SIL?


  2. Ha ha! I can just picture this! I’m surprised he didn’t make you return it for a “mini” tree instead. And–stripping down in the parking lot???? Unimaginable!


    • Hi Christi, you would have died laughing at us trying to get that tree home! Your dad reminded me that he still had on a gray tshirt under his work shirt so it didnt qualify as “stripping down” ha

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