Fallish Friday Night

It is so good to be home. Being gone for a little over 3 weeks to attend my mother-in-laws funeral in Dallas and then go to Corpus Christi to take care of my mom in putting her in the same nursing home as my dad, emptying out their apartment was not only very emotional, but physically draining as well. It was good to come home. Randy was so glad to have his wife back and I was so glad to be back in my own house, especially my kitchen. It showed me that truly home is where your heart is and seeing that my heart is with Randy, it was good to walk off the plane and into his arms, which only last week, helped me to unload all my parents apartment. He just left Texas a few days before me to get back to work.
Since I had a few hours in the airport, most of you know that I use that time to scan the little Hudson News stands for new cookbooks and boy did I find a good one this time. It is Taste of Home Fall Baking and it is loaded with so many scrumptious recipes that I am starting today to bake the ones that caught my eye. The first one is Pumpkin cupcakes, which I will have ready when Randy walks in the door tonight. This weekend I will make Gingerbread with Crunchy Topping, which I will post after I sample it. I have not posted in a couple of weeks, due to the fact that I didn’t have use of a computer in Corpus. It is great to be back posting and cooking. The weather is cool today, rainy and calling for the fireplace to be lit. So tonight, that’s what we will do, light the fire, sample these wonderful pumpkin cupcakes and curl up on the couch to watch a movie. Is there a better way to spend a fallish Friday Night


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