Frisco Frenzy

This has got to be one of the most memorable days in many years. We are back in Texas for Randy’s mom’s funeral and to celebrate her life. We will be having lots of dinners with family and close friends. Hence the grocery store stop this morning. I dropped off my daughter at work to keep her car to do some grocery shopping, not realizing at the time that this day would be such a most memorabie day. Knowing that tomorrow would have me running back and forth to the airport 3 different times to pick up family, I thought I would go ahead and do the shopping for food today to get a jump start. As I walked in to the WallMart store, which in itself, took my breath away, that there was one within a mile of my daughters house….(let me just pause for a minute and reflect on that, one mile away, that is just so beautiful), I headed straight to the frozen food section, just to hold a bag of frozen Sister Schubert rolls in my hands before tackling the shopping lists. There, in the frozen bread section, my eyes fell on shelves of Sausage rolls, cinnamon rolls, yeast dinner rolls, whole wheat or white, it was just such a Hallmark moment. I had to pull out my phone and take a picture of all the rolls that were sitting there just waiting for me. After I took that in, I headed straight for the frozen veggie isle, and there they were, the cutest little sacks of frozen breaded okra, just looking so sourthern….I quickly opened the door to the veggies and just couldn’t decide how many to take, but then I realized that maybe I should leave them right there until I was through with the lists, that way, they would still be frozen for the trip home to fix for dinner tonight. I want to be sure that they are at their peak when I take them out of the package and lower each little pod into the hot frying pan. As I slowly make my way up and down the grocery isles, I remember where I am, I am in Dr. Pepper Land, oh my gosh, what was I waiting for……I pushed the little grocery cart as fast as I could, closer, closer…..there they were….life’s little treasure..Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Peppers….i bought all they had….it was at this moment that in the midst of what the next couple of days will hold, which will be sadness at saying goodbye to Hazel, but knowing that she and Howard are finally together again, in the presence of our Lord, we would be together as a family, joined by memories of the years that we had with Hazel, lots of memories shared with her around the table, talking and enjoying holidays and hearing her tell us that “oh my, this is just too much food” that we will once again be reminded that it is the little things in our lives that we remember most, the Diet Dr Peppers, the fried okra with chicken and dumplins, the banana pudding that she loved to make, these are a few of the things that will be a treasure in our hearts about her as we sit around the table this weekend and enjoy, once again, the best of all times, being with family.

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