A Blessed Sunday

This has just been a very blessed day. We began our day with church, which just was such a wonderful way to celerate this glorious day. In spite of several decisions which we will be having to make regarding my parents, it was a grand reminder of how faithful God is to our burdens and meets us at our point of need. This beautiful Fall day is full of just little reminders of how we can find joy in the midst of pain, because of our Lord and Savior. We are having a new couple over tonight for dinner. They moved here from Colorado, but were in Ft. Worth several years before that and have family in Plano, where we moved from in January. They live 5 blocks down from us and her husbands name is Randy. So we already have so much in common it will be interesting to see how much more we have to talk about.
We decided to keep it simple tonight. Thus, homemade vegetable soup is in the oven and fresh bread will be awaiting them. Mushroom Tarts to much on and finish with homemade chocolate pudding with whipped cream.
It is so nice to know that you don’t have to have a gourmet meal spread out over the table to have friends over. A simple meal is fine, when you realize that it is not the meal they are coming for. It is the excitement of gathering around the table with new friends and talking about your lives and families that were both left behind when our husbands jobs brought us to California.

It is so thrilling to realize that no matter the part of the country, the table seems to be he gathering place. When you are around the table, boundaries are removed as each person shares stories about their past and hopes for the future. This will be a great evening. Breaking bread with new friends and ending the evening knowing that 5 blocks down, we have some new friends who will answer when we yelll “git on over here and let’s have some grits and greens, we’re “fix-in to put them on the table.” Ah……that will be music to our ears when they respond, “ya’ll ready for us to come on down?” We most certainly are!

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