Doyle Springs with Dee and Jeff

Oh my goodness, what can I say that would allow you to picture where we went this weekend. These precious friends invited us to their cabin at Doyle Springs up in the Sequoia Natl Forest for 3 days and what a 3 days it was. We feasted on food that caused a slight (well 3 lbs to be exact) gain in weight. Not only were we able to sleep at night with windows open, listening to the waterfalls under their cabin at night, but we were introduced to the most amazing pancakes we have ever had. They are called Heavenly Hots and trust me on this, they are heavenly…the lightest and most tasty morsel topped wtih blackberries, raspberries and butter AND………..Dee made homemade maple syrup..Randy has now told me that he will expect this every Saturday morning. You can probably guess my reply to Randy. But…..we snacked on cheese toast that consisted of mayo, parmesan cheese and broiled to perfection on crustless bread.
We dined on Flank steak, zucchini topped with onions, tomatoes and cheese, cheesy twice baked potatoes and more. We ate homemade breakfast tacos that were simply scrumptious. Just when I thought I couldn’t take another bite, Dee would sit another taco in front of us. We would always find a little room for more. Some of their granchildren were up there and surprised us with homemade blackberry cobbler, that the girls had gone out and picked themselves. Plus they brought over a jar of elderberry jam that they had gathered the berries and made. This family makes Martha Stewart look bad. On the way home, they took us to one of their favorite places to eat dinner where I even tasted, are you ready for this, “pickled tongue”,and it actually still looks like a tongue; It made me glad I talk alot and fast, that way no one can catch my tongue to pickle it. oh my, I am just not ready for that, so went on to other foods, such as Veal smothered in cream gravy. We stopped at their favorite stop in Bakersville, which was Dewar’s Ice cream and got a pink & white…strawberry ice cream with strawberries and vanilla with hot fudge..we had just left the restuarant saying that we were so full and couldn’t eat another bite, when Jeff says, “let’s make one more stop for ice cream” which Randy quickly responds, “we just got through saying we couldn’t eat another bite, but here we sit eatting not only one plain dip, but two dips with toppings” Well, it just goes to show you that “there is always room for more” as long as it’s either mexican food or ice cream. As soon as I ask Dee if she minds me sharing the Heavenly Hots recipe, will post that on the site. They were the winner for “best food for the weekend” as far as I am concerned, well, maybe it was the flank steak, or no, maybe the breakfast tacos..hum… seems like all the food she prepared was the winner. Thanks Dee and Jeff for your hospitatlity and a most memorable weekend.

One thought on “Doyle Springs with Dee and Jeff

  1. Aren’t Heavenly Hots simply the best! By the way — they are WAY better when someone else makes them! So, rather than getting the recipe FROM Dee, just let her know how much you love eating HER Heavenly Hots! (Hint! Hint!)


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