Sister Schubert Rolls

We are home from Cameron and Mandy’s wedding and still feeling a little festive from having all our meals with our kids and extended family, it is easy to already get excited about the upcoming holiday season when we will get to be with family and friends again. That never seems to come fast enough, but I have discovered a secret that I just had to share. As soon as the plane flew over the border of Texas and knowing that I was about to re-enter the land of No Sister Schubert Rolls, I got a little down, not only were we flying back to grocery stores which do not carry breaded fried okra, but they also have never heard of these amazing rolls. So…upon awaking our first morning back in Sushi-land, I got on the computer, contacted Sister Schubert Rolls and found that they ship all their mouth watering rolls to anywhere in the USA! Well….I guess I don’t have to tell you that I have 12 pans of rolls coming my way. Since I am cooking breakfast for a brunch next week, these ladies out here are going to be introduced to these amazing little gems.
Sushi and salad lovers, watch out……you are about to discover a little roll that will have you saying, “ya’ll” and “git back here” before you know it……Some ladies might need to go for a mani and pedi or massage to get regenerated……, I just need to bake a pan of SS rolls, and I’ll be dreaming of grits, gravy and green beans seasoned with bacon tonight. Meals as I remember them are about to “git” good again!

4 thoughts on “Sister Schubert Rolls

  1. I absolutely love this post! I had no idea a southern gal could survive without Sister Schubert rolls!!!! When you open that box of rolls it will be like getting a blood transfusion of “ya’ll”, “bless your heart” and “oh you poor thing” all rolled into one! Pun intended! Love you BFF! Cora


  2. Do you think the founders of the US Postal Service are rolling in their graves right now? Mail order yeast rolls?

    Get Dr Pepper on board and you can have both rolls and Cherry Vanilla Diet Dr Pepper any time you want!


    • Hi SIL, I’ve given up on having my cherry vanilla DP except when I’m in Texas. No one out here has it and I haven’t been able to order it! Bummer

      “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for by doing so, some have entertained angels without knowing it.” Heb. 13:2   Go to for new recipes!


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