Post Jaden

Wow, Jaden is on the plane headed back to Dallas. We can now watch whatever we want on TV, we can go to any restaurant without worryimg about whether or not they have chicken strips or hamburgers, there is no computer battle sounds in the background, no guilt over how much I let him sit at the computer or Ipad to play video games, no trying to figure out how I’m going to get the energy to head out to either miniature golf, bowling or sitting through a cartoon movie, life is now returned to normal……….but why did I break down when he walked onto the plane? Because, no matter the trouble, no matter the exhaustion, no matter the different interests, he is our grandchild, one in which we both have enjoyed this week, more than we ever dreamed. We fell in love all over again this week withh our new “grown up” version of our first grandchild……he is beginning to grow up, to show signs of different interests: cars, TV shows, such as America’s Got Talent, sitting and reading for over an hour. So…here we both sit tonight, so exhausted, we can’t hold our heads up, but sad for knowing that Jaden’s weekly visit won’t be here again until next summer,…..we will cherish this week, the memories,the love and bonding that both Randy and I truly enjoyed between ourselves and Jaden.

One thought on “Post Jaden

  1. Jaden sounds like my grandson, Nate, who is a little younger. You expressed exactly like what life is like with him. Hamburgers or chicken strips, computer time – what is too much?, Transformer Battles on TV, animated movies and all sorts of entertaining activities. I, also, see those little changes that indicate he is growing up. Time passes quickly, doesn’t it?


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