Grandsons, Games and Geritol

Wednesday, August 10th, woke up at 5:30, so excited about heading to airport to pick up Jaden. He is visiting us for 8 days and we cannot be more excited. No more quiet car rides just driving around by myself during the day. Now I will have my sweet angelic 10 hr old grandson to drive around with me. We will laugh and talk about what he has done this summer and stop for ice cream and I will snap impromtu pictures of him, as he takes in the sights and sounds of Los Angeles for the next week. How memorable this will be. I cannot wait to just watch him walk off the plane and give him a giant hug.
10:00 a.m. Here he comes, walking off the plane with his cute little backpack. Wait….is that a skull and bones I see on the front of the backpack, surely not, Jaden is only 10 and I think he would still have SpongeBob Squarepants shirt and backpacks. I bet maybe he picked up the wrong backpack. We hug him while he says, “Nana…not in public….and don’t even think about kissing me.” Oh, I’m sure he is just a little fussy after getting up so early to catch the plane. Will get a real hug when we get to the car.
10:30 a.m. We are walking to the car. He tells me that he can’t talk to me until his ears pop. They are all stopped up and he just can’t hear anything. And…since his ears are all stopped up, and he cannot hear us talking, could he just play video games on my iphone in the car until his ears unstop. Of course he can, after all, he is at grandmas and he can do anything he wants, right?
11:00 a.m. We ask him if his ears are unstopped so we can talk, “not yet” he says. Isn’t this just awesome, Randy and I are having to yell over the precious sounds of Angry Birds to talk to each other. Oh…that brings back the days of living around all our family when we lost our television rights to grandkids who always had to watch the Wiggles or Elmo or SpongeBob. But….after all, when was the last time we heard Angry Birds in the background. Oh boy, this is going to be a great 8 days. Am so glad Jaden is here.
1:00 p.m. We have treated our young sweetheart to his First In and Out Burger in California. He is so excited, he even put down the iphone to eat. Things are warming up and he has even said a few words to us. Gotta love these grandkids. Can’t wait to take him and show him the beautiful homes here and the different museums. He is going to love them.
2:30 I guess the sightseeing is going to have to wait, Jaden fell asleep from being so tired from the flight. Doesn’t he look adorable, all curled up in his room. I bet the minute he wakes up all he is going to want to do is tell me about his first plane ride and what all he is wanting to do. Will be excited to have him wake up.
5:00 Have to go wake up the little darling. He is now a little fussy from being woke up. Oh well, I’m sure once he really wakes up he will start to enjoy being here. We leave to go get Randy from work, stopping at the grocery store first to let Jaden pick out a few things to eat. Wanted to be sure that we have everything he would like to have. He asked if he can sit in the car while I go in to the grocery store. He wanted to play Angry Birds. Not on your life, Mister. We go into the store and he picks out 2 frozen pizza’s and a box of cereal. He is anxious to get back to the car to play on my iphone. This bonding time isn’t quite what I expected it to be. Expect tomorrow to be a little better, after he gets rested up.
7:30 We have finished frozen pizza and tear him away from the computer to go for a walk, but make it short, as Jaden is cold. AFter all, he tells us, “I am used to the Texas heat of 105, so this 80 degrees makes me cold”. We head home. Well, that’s ok, he can curl up by me on the couch and we can watch “America’s Got Talent” together. This will be a great night…”nana, do you mind if I play Witches and Wizards on the computer while ya’ll watch AGT, I’m not really into that?” Oh, no, mister, you are going to watch AGT with us and you are going to enjoy it. Maybe if he has ice cream and brownies, that will get him in a bettter mood. Yep, that’s what he needs, sugar….so we have dessert and that makes him happy. We enjoy a little TV and around 10 I announce that I am exhausted. Getting up around 5 and then entertaining the little darling has been exhausting. Jaden, Randy and I all head to bed around….
10:00….Randy and I are asleep when I feel a presence over me…”Jaden, what’s wrong sweetie?” I can’t sleep, Nana, maybe it was the 3 hour nap or just being excited about going rock climbing in the morning….well, go read, I didn’t bring a book, well…..close your eyes and try to sleep…ok…….11:45 “nana, I still can’t sleep” Well, I can and so you just go lay there until your eyes close”
Midnight……got him a glass of water and another tucking in….he’d better better go to sleep before I pour a whole bottle of Benedryl down his precious little throat. Maybe all that sugar wasn’t such a good idea.
6:30 a.m. Second day….Good morning Nana and Papa, I’m awake…….can I play on the Ipad? Yes, you can do anything if I can just go back to sleep….
7:00 a..m. When are we going rock climbing Nana? They don’t open until 10 Jaden, go play video games or watch a movie. How many days do we have left of this wonderful bonding time we are having? If I hear Angry Birds one more time this morning, I am going to throw the iphone out the window (oops, did I just say that?)
1:00 p.m. Got his second In and Out Burger for lunch. That’s all he wants. Am gagging at the thought of another burger…but after all, this is his summer vacation. so will force one down my throat.
2:00 Showtime, am headed to see Captain American…now here we go, this is what I’m talking about…..sightseeing at the Americana, movies and fun….”what? Oh, ok, Jaden, rock climbing wore him out, so could we just go home and he could play on the computer” Well, I guess that’s ok, after all, I do want my sweet little grandson to be enjoying himself”.
4:00 We are anxiously awaiting Papa to come home. I am going to tell Randy that it’s his turn to entertain this little darling for a while. I’m Angry Birded out and the sounds of aliens and army guys blasting away at each other has already got me deaf……man, I wish Jaden were staying longer than 8 days. The time is going so fast…..will update you tomorrow if we are out buying a ticket to send him home early or not…….

7 thoughts on “Grandsons, Games and Geritol

  1. What a precious bonding time with your firstborn grandson! Doesn’t he hold just a sweet place in your heart! Kinda makes you want to move back to Texas doesn’t it so you can enjoy him every day! Loved your blog! Seriously, have tons of fun! Love you BFF! Cora


  2. Sitting here laughing! We have been babysitting quite a bit lately. We call our 3 year old..
    “Molly the Monster”. Some people say that isn’t nice..but then..they haven’t met Molly.haha
    Sam is 5 now and easier to handle…put them together though and you are totally outnumbered.

    We had our 12 year old granddaughter come for about a week…that went really well…but a week was plenty long…we had lots of things we did…lots of $$$$ too.
    We also had our 14 year old grandson for about 3 days…that went real well also…more $$$$.haha
    We love them all but can agree with those that say…so nice to have them come…but great to see them go back.
    Miss you!! Have fun this week.


    • Rita, you really should be writing a blog, you are so funny. I always get a laugh when I read your comments. Hope you are well. WE miss seeing ya’ll. Will be there in Nov around Thanksgiving so hope to see you at church then…… you, tk


    • Just checking to ne sure you got my reply baxk to you! Sometimes people arent able to see my reply back when i post it on the blog “reply” site! Let me know so i can try to see why that is happening! Love u, tk

      Sent from Trudy K iPhone


      • I did see your reply by coming back to your blog and checking the comments.
        By the way…your blog (about Grandsons, games, and geritol) went out to friends and family . It was a great way to bring a smile to many faces.


      • Thsnks Rita! I now know to tell people that they need to go to comments to see reply! I didnt realize that! Glad they liked the story! We are exhasted but have really had fun with Jaden!

        Sent from Trudy K iPhone


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