Chocolate Caramel Thumbprints

Before leaving Phoenix last Saturday, we stopped at a place called Kneaders to grab a bite, and a sack of cookies, just in case something should happen and we were trapped in the desert for a couple of hours with no chocolate in the car. The chocolate caramel cookie with sea salt called my name … Continue reading

Chocolate Thumbprint Rasperry Cookies

Two weeks ago, I posted this recipe for a few minutes, but quickly deleted it when I realized that I wasn’t suppose to put it out on the blog before sending out these cookies made from this recipe. I have made these twice now and have taken them to several people and these cookies get … Continue reading


The Thumbies In Motion Use a Thumbie to make your thumbprint cookies, brownie cups. Easier and faster than using your thumb and the indentions are uniform in size. Will be giving one away Nov 23rd. Comment me your favorite thumbprint recipe. The one chosen will receive a Thumbie!

Thumbie Give Away

Finally talked Frosty (yes, I like to think of it as “talking” to him, not nagging) into making more Thumbies. So…since it is the time of year when all of us love to make thumbprint cookies and brownies, I am having a Thumbie Give Away. To have your very own Thumbie to make those cookies … Continue reading